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As Patty and Dr. Blabey are mostly vegan, I felt that I needed a change in my diet too. Ever since I stopped playing competitive sports, my metabolism has slowed down and so has my energy. However, I love my meat. I mean  buffalo chicken wings, filet mignon, pork chops; how could I ever give that up? Well, this past weekend, I learned about flexitarianism. I had never heard of the word before, but it sounds just as it is. Flexitarianism- the act of eating a semi-vegetarian or semi-vegan diet. Usually eating a full days worth of vegetarian or vegan food only- for a couple times a week, then the other days of the week, going back to eating a full diet of dairy and meat (  

This seemed highly do-able to me. So, I got my boyfriend in on it and we decide to pick Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to eat entirely a vegan diet, then the other days eat whatever we want. Doing any type of diet with someone else, is such a great idea, mentally and physically. On Sunday, we head off to the grocery store to pick out some vegan items to survive us through the first day.

I found a vegan-only grocery list online here; and we picked our favorite-sounding items. 

It’s half-way through the first official vegan day and it feels great already! I had Oatmeal and an apple for breakfast, and a delicious salad with avocado for lunch. Remember, a lot of salad dressings are secretly cream-based, so stick to the Italian or oil and vinegar dressings. 

Now, I felt like a needed a lifestyle change to feel more energetic and lose weight. Depending on how you feel, you could just cut back a percentage of vegan or vegetarian foods each day, or cut off whole days like I am. It really just depends on how you feel and how you want to go about it. 

So, why vegan or vegetarian? Here is an article to read that gets into detail; Eating red meat, for example is so hard on your body as it takes so much time for your body to digest. Vegan or vegetarianism isn’t only a healthier diet choice, it also saves animals and the planet! It’s been proven that even cutting back once a week can help save animals and the planet, while cleansing your body a large margin. 


I’ll update on my flexitarian diet feelings in a couple days, but it seems like it’s going to go really well!



Author: Dr. Gary Blabey

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